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Welcome back to the blog – this is version 2.0

Lifestyle | Foraggio Photographic
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Wow, it’s been almost THREE YEARS since I wrote blog post on this website, and enough is enough. I need to get busier!! So much has happened in the past six months, let alone the past three years, so we have a lot of catching up to do.

The problem is always: where to start. Well, honestly, for me that’s easy. I’ve been thinking lately that I need to make my photography more visible, and find the courage to promote my work, art, whatever you want to call it. I’ve been setting up a shop to sell prints, and that took me back to my woefully neglected website and to here, the blog. I’ve done so much with my work and written nothing about it, and even if nobody reads these pages, I think it’s important for me to document what I’ve been up to, if only so I can look back on it in years to come. Call it my legacy, if you like. Who knows? I might change the world before I leave it.

So I’m starting with this, a short post to explain that I’m back, and I’m committed to writing at least one post a month, almost certainly more than that as I catch you up on the things I’ve been up to. So put on your reading glasses and join me as I delve not only into my own work, but also give my opinions on everything photography – whether that means a review of a show, an exhibition, a movie, a new bit of kit, whatever. There is so much out there for me to riff on, and now I have more time to do it, so consider this a new beginning.

I can’t wait!!