Foraggio Photographic is the work of Sydney-based photographer Toby Forage.

Toby was born in London and moved to Australia in 1999. It was a journey that sparked an obsession with travel, and he has been taking photographs around the world ever since, making his way to the more unusual places on the planet to document daily life and more.

After leaving a full-time career in broadcast and digital media — he was an executive producer at SBS and still produces television and digital content on a freelance basis — Toby started his own photography business, Foraggio Photographic.

He specialises in architecture photography, seeking out unusual perspectives that allow people to think differently about the buildings they see every day. It’s an aesthetic that has seen him garner close to 40K followers on Instagram. Toby also shoots for SOPA Images, an international photography agency that distributes to the likes of Getty Images, Reuters and other international news organisation, and Shoot My Travel, which provides travellers with professional images to make the best memories of their vacations. He shoots fashion as well, and is the chief photographer for Australia sustainable label The Rushing Hour. He has been commissioned for work on travel books and magazines and shoots profile portraits for business professionals. In short, there is very little he can’t turn his unique talents to.

Toby is also passionate about music and the arts, and shoots live concerts when he gets the chance. He also gets involved on the stage too, playing drums in various bands and projects when he gets the chance.

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