War-torn Syrian town makes virtual reality film-making history

This week, several channel owners have been taking advantage of YouTube’s new ability to host 360-degree video footage. FC Barcelona launched one recently, and now charitable news organisation RYOT has done something a little more haunting, and also history-making.

This footage of Aleppo, in Syria, gives you a sense of just how damaging the war there has been. RYOT is using virtual reality filmmaking techniques to “teleport viewers around the world to real-life conflict zones and disaster areas”.

This film inside Syria, arguably the most dangerous place to be on Earth right now, is the first virtual reality film from a war zone ever to be shot and released. RYOT’s World Editor Christian Stephen is the man responsible, and it’s an excellent way to translate how frightening it must be to live somewhere like this. The crackle of gunfire, rumble of explosions, and devastation on every corner. It’s like hell, only worse, because it’s real.