Photojournalism and travel stories

Having spent most of his life working as a journalist, Toby has an unrivalled ability to tell stories through words and pictures. He is an award-winning producer and writer, having worked in print and broadcast media for most of his life. He has also travelled to more than 30 countries across the world, and taken in many unusual destinations to tell the stories of people and places on the ground.

Toby has documented his own stories from Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Iceland, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, home of Australia, vast swathes of Europe and his native United Kingdom on multiple occasions, among many other places.

He is always prepared to dive deep into any location to find the real stories of people, places and culture that are often left untold.

Video projects are also possible. Use the contact form below to start a discussion with Toby about the stories you want to tell.

Some of Toby’s projects include:

Cuba: The edge of change

India: Dirty laundry of Dhobi Ghat

Sri Lanka: Prevent a storm in your tea cup

Iceland: Iceland is on the rise

Vietnam: The children of Vietnam