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The Rushing Hour | Foraggio Photographic

Toby Forage has more than 20 years experience in media and photography and has led teams to award-winning results everywhere he has worked in that time. He is a social media influencer, with an ability to shoot mind-blowing photographs and, if required, accompany them with compelling written content. He is capable of fulfilling a multitude of tasks to bring consistency, quality and engagement to your vision. Toby labels himself as a creative visionary, with an eye for detail and unique presentation that will put your content front and centre of the noisy and crowded media landscape of today.






Photography services include


Exteriors and interiors, shot in stunning, unique styles. Colour and black and white available, as well as large-format prints for your workplace or private residence.

Starkitecture | Foraggio Photographic

Architecture | Foraggio Photographic


Excellent story-telling combined with unique photography to create compelling content that not only looks incredible, but achieves desired outcomes for the client in terms of reach and engagement.

Tea production, Sri Lanka

Photojournalism | Foraggio Photographic

Travel Stories

More than 350 destinations around the world, spanning almost 30 countries. Seeking out the locations and people not seen in the guidebooks and travel media. Prepared to dive deep into any location and find the real stories of people, places and culture.

The illuminated sails of Sydney's Opera House during Vivid Festival 2016 | Foraggio Photographic

Travel Stories | Foraggio Photographic

Editorial / Fashion / Product

Studio photography, product photography, copy writing, copy editing, photo editing, research, audio and podcasts, video, content curation and more.

The Rushing Hour | Foraggio Photographic

Fashion | Foraggio Photographic

Events/ Live Music / Conferences

High-profile red carpet event photography, live music photography, conference and special event photography.

Australian supermodel Megan Gale on the red carpet | Foraggio Photographic

Events | Foraggio Photographic

Professional Profiles

Business portraits, staff portraits, candid workplace photography to provide legitimacy and impact for your business.

Sydney entrepreneur Jacalin Ding | Foraggio Photographic

Profiles | Foraggio Photographic

Food / Lifestyle

Restaurants, events, magazine shoots and more.


Food | Foraggio Photographic

Shoot My Travel

Forget the selfies and separated shots with your companion. Book Toby to shoot your trip to Sydney via the Shoot My Travel website here.


Shoot My Travel | Foraggio Photographic

Weddings / Family

Beautiful shots of your biggest day and other family occasions, capturing of memories that will last a lifetime with non-traditional candid photography that will always be a conversation starter.

Weddings | Foraggio Phorographic

Weddings | Foraggio Photographic