It's been a while since I've been the subject of a photoshoot — in fact, I'm not sure I ever have — but I was very humbled to be asked by my good friend and fellow photographer, Meredith Schofield, to be just that recently. Meredith — or Mez, as she's better known — this year fulfilled a dream she's had forever when she purchased

Central Park is one of Sydney's newest residential and retail hubs, as well as arguably the city's most eco-friendly complex. Ironically, the land it stands on — which is still in the process of being fully redeveloped — used to be one of Sydney's most notorious suburbs, with a history of violence, murder, prostitution and all around filth and squalor. But today stands a

I've always had a fascination with space, the so-called final frontier. Apollo 13 is one of my favourite movies of all time, a story of how incredible the human race can be when it puts its mind to it. This week, to my absolute delight, The Project Apollo Archive and NASA uploaded every photo taken by astronauts on the Apollo missions to the

Nan Goldin is certainly one of the world's more interesting photographers. She unwittingly pioneered the harsh-flash style that so many youth culture magazines of the 1990s picked up on, and has some amazing work involving children, some of which has been criticised and even banned. But to me, she's fascinating, and I really dig why she is drawn to photography as a form