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Who is Foraggio Photographic?

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Foraggio Photographic is the work of Sydney-based photographer Toby Forage.

Toby was born in London and moved to Australia in 1999. He has been taking photographs around the world for the past 20 years, making his way to different destinations to learn and document the daily life that is more unusual and often more challenging than his own. Through his personal photographs, Toby aims not only to raise awareness of those less fortunate, but also to inspire more people to travel outside their comfort zone, because it’s an enriching experience and can generate positive social change.


Toby Forage

Toby Forage

Inspire change – that’s my mantra. When I lift the camera and study the frame in the viewfinder, I’m always thinking about how I can create an emotional connection with the images I’m recording. I’m thinking about making people aware, but also how I can help them do more than just carry that knowledge. – Toby Forage

“It is my firm belief that documenting the lives of others can educate us all and give each human life perspective, regardless of socio-economic background, race, colour, gender or creed,” Toby says. “By learning about each other, we can better understand our differences, appreciate the difficulties we all face in daily life, and learn to live in peace and harmony.”

When he’s not travelling, Toby likes to shoot in and around Sydney, focusing on street photography and architecture. He is also passionate about music and the arts, and shoots live concerts, fashion and more. For a full list of services he provides, click here.

Toby also gets involved on the stage, too, playing drums for Sydney rock band Cigars Of The Pharaoh.