Central Park shines in Sydney

Central Park is one of Sydney’s newest residential and retail hubs, as well as arguably the city’s most eco-friendly complex.

Ironically, the land it stands on — which is still in the process of being fully redeveloped — used to be one of Sydney’s most notorious suburbs, with a history of violence, murder, prostitution and all around filth and squalor.

But today stands a whole new destination, highlighted by One Central Park, which features galleries, beautiful residences, shops, food from all corners of the globe, and bars and pubs that have been either built from scratch or, as in the case of The Old Clare, lovingly restored — although I used to quite like the older Old Clare, too. It certainly had character.

Of course it’s also a whole new playground to explore with the camera, which I do often. Some of the architecture is quite breathtaking, especially when you look more closely. I’d highly recommend a visit here if you’re ever in Sydney for business or pleasure. You’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Central Park has been built with sustainability in mind. It features some of the most eco-friendly architecture methods available today, including recycled water systems for all businesses and residents, vertical gardens, and low power carbon gas power. You can read more about the features held within the location here.